It used to be called media training. But now we’re not so sure. After all what is the media these days? Of course there are still the really influential journalists that your business needs to reach, the papers you should be in and the nerve wracking broadcast opportunities you should undertake. But now almost every comment you make has the capacity to be disseminated far and wide. So communicating skilfully, with clarity of thought and with credibility is more important now that it has ever been and that is where Edelman’s media training programme can help.

Some people are natural born communicators but most are not, which is why anyone facing the media in all its forms, at whatever level, needs to be prepared.

Our communications training programmes are led by former print and broadcast journalists with experience in corporate, crisis, financial, health and other sector expertise.

We believe that every interview and engagement is an opportunity and we want to help you make the most of it.